Team Wellness

Team Wellness

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Art journaling is a creative tool to connect people and help them manage their mental wellness. My workshops offer participants a form of creative self-expression, community building, and connection. Art journaling is a safe place to put some of those feelings, it is both restorative, and reflective and the community built when we do it together will ease some of the burden


I can't think of a group  more in need of care right now than people working in helper professions. Nurses, doctors, mental health professionals, have all been caring and carrying us through this pandemic and have been asked to face and make decisions that will stay with then for the rest of their lives. 


There are no words for the overwhelming stretch that has been asked of so many of us. The relentless contention, uncertainty, and isolation are just a few things we've been facing that has lead to burn out. Art Journaling is not a quick fix, but as a regular practice can help create balance in our lives.

If you are concerned about your team-I can create a program specific to your needs. Let's start easing the burden.

  • anyone can do it
  • no art experience required
  • Readily available supplies used