Lunch and Learn Mini Session

Lunch and Learn Mini Session

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Only have an hour? That's okay, I can create an art journaling experience to fit your schedule.

Using Art To Manage Burnout

In this one hour art journaling session journalers will explore how adding a creative practice into their routine can fill their gas tanks and help negate the encroachment of burnout. 

During the workshop participants will create a personal and reflective art journal page that can become part of a creative wellness practice. No art experience necessary and anyone can do it. 

Different Topics to Suit Your Needs

Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, work life balance. All these things seriously effect how people experience their lives and their work. Spend an hour looking at the big picture of your life. Sometimes one aspect of our lives overshadows everything else. But in this workshop we'll spend our time looking at the whole. Putting some perspective on what's happening.

Some of the things people have said about their art journaling experience

I loved Anna's Art Journal class. Great instructions but the room to do my own thing. Anna is very kind and enthusiastic and is able to pull out the ideas that I had hidden away and show me how to translate them into a unique journal page.