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Lunch and Learn

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 I use art to explore serious topics in a safe way, offering new perspectives and points of view. Not an artist? Not to worry-no art experience required, and drawing a stick person is as technical as it gets.


Using Art To Manage Burnout

In this one hour art journaling session journalers will explore how adding a creative practice into their routine can fill their gas tanks and help negate the encroachment of burnout. 

During the workshop participants will create a personal and reflective art journal page that can become part of a creative wellness practice. No art experience necessary and anyone can do it. 

ADHD is a Superpower

In this lunch and learn workshop we look at the strengths, and challenges of having ADHD. I offer a perspective shift away from the Disorder mindset of having ADHD to a focus on the positive aspects and how to use them. 

This workshop is fun and funny and we will create a super hero trading card, while exploring the strengths of being different. 

All are welcome in this workshop and all you need is a pen and paper.

I Am Not My Diagnosis

Spend an hour looking at the big picture of your life. Sometimes one aspect of our lives overshadows everything else. But in this workshop we'll spend our time looking at the whole. Putting some perspective on what's happening.