Workshops for Educators

Workshops for Educators

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Through my work with children with ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities, I offer professional development workshops to teachers and school administrators. 
Working in collaboration with teachers, I design PD that will address specific needs and challenges. My workshops are rooted in a philosophy of understanding and compassion and how that can lead to real and lasting solutions. My style is very informal with lots of real-life actionable advice through open discussion. 

Some topic areas I cover are:
  • Helping students with low self-esteem
  • The different aspects of executive function challenges and how that may present in different children.
  • How we can have realistic expectations of children with executive function challenges and ADHD
  • How creative thinking may be the key from both teacher and learner
  • How can we accommodate's not about extra time
  • What kids are saying about their strengths, challenges and helpers
  • How to recognize that ADHD is a superpower

 I'm happy to problem solve and draw from current experiences, with practical strategies and suggestions and discuss specific challenges people are facing. My belief is 'Kids do well if they can' and I follow the Dr. Ross Greene model of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions while keeping one foot in the real world of the busyness of managing a classroom.