Art is for everybody.


Hello world. Anna here from Art Journaling With Anna. You can read all about me here. What I wanted to talk about today is something that comes up over and over again, in fact it came up last night at the Wednesday Night Art Journaling Class. And it goes something like this: "oh, I'm not an artist.." (followed by an uncomfortable quiet laugh) 

but I can't draw
And here is my response.
1. Everyone is an artist
2. Not being a chef has not gotten me out of cooking dinner for the last 25 years, so why has not being an artist stopped you from playing with art supplies? 
that's okay neither can i
Somewhere or at sometimes in our lives we were told that 'art making' was a hallowed place reserved for a select few. (Likely it was in grade four where a few people emerged as being able to draw what they saw accruately.) 
Or perhaps you were one of those people, and then you went to highschool, or college or art school where you were critiqued or critisized or corrected and all that joy of making marks on paper was sucked right out of you.
The luckiest thing in my life was I couldn't draw what I see (still can't) so I turned my back on creative endevours for decades, so I bypassed authority figures commenting on my work, and was able to jump in for the pure joy of it. 
art journaling jump in
At Art Journaling With Anna everyone is an artist. We explore the process, embrace the journey, dig deep to tap into our creative selves and just like making dinner for your family, everyone can do it.