What is art journaling?

Art Journaling is a safe and creative way to express yourself. 

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With writing, painting, and collage

Art journaling is a way of expressing yourself and stepping away from life for a couple hours. For some people art journaling is a way to turn off their brains, for others it's a way to dig deep into things that are weighing on their minds, and for some, it's a way to tap into their creative side.

What does a session look like?

After we all check in, we get our pens ready and start with a writing exercise-it may be a writing prompt, may be a list, each session is different. Then we paint (sometimes over top of the writing we've done!). While the paint dries we look for an image that mirrors or reflects the theme of our writing.

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Along the way I offer tips and suggestions that participants are free to follow, and encouraged not to, knowing there are no mistakes. Then we finish it up with a bit of lettering where I again offer tips and suggestions.

That all sounds very structured, but I like to think of it more as the rhythm of the class: we write, we paint, we collage, we add words. And in the end we are have a tangible witness to our process.


Some days our pages are light and fun, and sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, our depths are revealed...even to ourselves.

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The art journaling trifecta

Since the beginning of the pandemic I've been hosting online art journaling groups and this is what I've seen over and over again. When you make time for yourself every week, when you honour your creative self, when you have a safe space to be vulnerable, and you find a community where you are accepted as you are...life can only be better.

Art journaling changes lives, and it's my honour to be a witness to it and hold space for people to find themselves.



Here's what other's are saying:

Once a week I give myself the gift of 2 hours of judgement-free creativity with new friends. Much needed bliss.
art journaling with anna student work
As a participant in a number of Anna's art workshops I can say Do Not Miss this opportunity to have a date with your creative self in a fun and supportive environment. Art journalling with Anna saved my sanity during the challenges over the last several months!
-----art journaling with anna
 I truly appreciate the practical ideas and specific feedback Anna provided for how I could create my own artistic expression in my journal. 
I highly recommend Anna’s classes.
art journaling with anna student work
 Anna has such interesting techniques to share but also gives participants room to explore and experiment. She is generous with positive reinforcement and it's also lovely to work alongside (digitally!) people who enjoy creating.