Art Journaling Is For Everybody

  • The Power Of Community

    In my parallel life, I own a children's outer wear accessories business called January Baby. where I host an Outdoors Everyday Challenge in February. The Challenge shares a short blog post and a photo challenge every day in February. 

    One of the blog posts was written by Robyn, and I just stumbled upon it today and thought it was a wonderful post to share over here at Art With Anna.


  • Where Heather and I talk about supplies.

    I get so many questions about what supplies. I get it, walking into an art supply store with so much selection is totally overwhelming. That's why Heather from Articulations Art Supply in the Junction got together to talk about what supplies are a must, and what supplies are just fun to have.


  • A weekend art journaling retreat.

    Maybe it's the nature of art journaling-the inherent vulnerability that seems to travel sidecar; or spending 16 months void of the contact of strangers except behind a screen, I stepped out of the car unarmoured and with the first hug (which I received awkwardly) the weekend began
  • "So...what exactly is Deep Dive??"

    One of the Journalers asked 'What's the difference? What would we be doing if we had of just kept going with Fundamentals 2 rather than Deep Dive?" 
    And here is my answer. 
  • Art journaling for healing

    So I turned to art journaling to sort through my rapidly cycling kaleidoscope of emotions, and dig down to what I knew in my heart was true.
  • Why I never say 'It stinks.'

     What Journaler G was asking likely was literally do I ever say someone's page stinks. What I heard was " How can I believe your sincerity if it's always good?" 
  • Following your intuition.

    The Deep Divers and I have been working on tuning into and following our intuition for the last couple week. Last night we explored and reflected on our 'art language.' 
  • Why we are worthy of making art.

    So I'll leave you with my philosophy around art making (okay 2 philosophies actually) and maybe you can start to heal your heart and change your mindset.

    Art feeds your soul, like food feeds your body.


  • How to art journal: A visual step by step

    How to make an art journal page in six easy steps. Follow along with journaler Kristina as she photographs her process.
  • Summer Wednesday night art journaling group

    We, and I mean collectively as women, wives, mothers, or grandmothers put our needs at the bottom of the pile on an all too regular basis. The cost of this is high. For ourselves, and our families. Why not join me Wednesday evening 7-9 on Zoom, where we gather together to write, paint, talk, connect and so much more. 

  • Art is for everybody.

    At Art Journaling With Anna everyone is an artist. We explore the process, embrace the journey, dig deep to tap into our creative selves and just like making dinner for your family, everyone can do it.