About me

Hi, my name is Anna and my mission is to help people and I do that through art journaling.

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Art With Anna is my little corner of the universe where I help people find connection and community, and explore their creativity.

I believe when people are vulnerable in a safe space, and they are met with acceptance it can only make their lives better. 


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I discovered art journaling when I was overwhelmed after having my fourth child. I spent endless afternoons in the park with my art backpack full of supplies, sneakily creating while they played. A group of local moms saw me and asked if I could show them how. I agreed and suggested we meet once a week for 6 weeks. That group ended up meeting every week for 10 months. We supported each other through family challenges, illnesses, and learning how to navigate life's challenges. 

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When the pandemic started I reached out to those women again to art journal together online, and I've been hosting art journaling groups every week since.

Over the last few years women in my art journaling groups have processed loss, wrestled with major transitions, discovered their inner artist, and used the creative process in art journaling and support of the group to ease the stress of everyday life.


I live in Toronto with my husband and 2 of my 4 now big kids and I don't have to sneak my art journaling time anymore...(mostly). So please, don't be shy, click here. and find a place for yourself.

Christmas 2021

This is Christmas 2021 with my daughters, their partners, and sons....and all the dogs.