About me

Hi, my name is Anna and I believe everyone is an artist.

art journaling with anna redish

Art With Anna is my little corner of the universe where I help people discover their inner artist. Where cries of "I'm not an artist," and "...well it's not very good." Or, "I don't know what to do," are changed to whispers of, "I like it." and "I can't believe I did that." to proud exclamations of  "I made this!"

This is the home of safe creativity, where everyone is an artist, and the ability to accurately draw what you see is not a factor.


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My Mission is to make a place for people to explore their creativity in a connected community. 

 I truly believe everyone has an inner creative being inside of them yearning to get out. And whether it was shamed out of you in school, or just forgotten over the course of a life looking after everyone's needs but your own, it's still there, and it's still in you. 

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I discovered art journaling when I was overwhelmed after having my fourth child. I spent endless afternoons in the park with my art backpack full of supplies, sneakily creating while they played. I live in Toronto with my husband and 3 of my 4 now big kids and I don't have to sneak my art journaling time anymore...(mostly). So please, don't be shy, click here. and discover your inner artist.

artjournaling with anna

This is me, my two sons, my daughter, and her boyfriend wishing my oldest daughter a social distance happy birthday. April 2020