About me

Hi, my name is Anna and my mission is to help people and I do that through art journaling.

art journaling with anna redish

Art With Anna is my little corner of the universe where I help people find connection and community, and take a little break from their everyday.

Okay, here's what I believe (now I'm going to be vulnerable first). I believe when people are vulnerable in a safe space, and they are met with acceptance it can only make their lives better. 


art journaling with anna stuttered

My Mission is to make a place for people to explore their creativity in a connected community. 

Art journaling is how I do it. I hold space for connection, vulnerability and community.

art journaling with anna menace

I discovered art journaling when I was overwhelmed after having my fourth child. I spent endless afternoons in the park with my art backpack full of supplies, sneakily creating while they played. I live in Toronto with my husband and 3 of my 4 now big kids and I don't have to sneak my art journaling time anymore...(mostly). So please, don't be shy, click here. and find a place for yourself.

Christmas 2021

This is Christmas 2021 with my daughters, their partners, and sons....and all the dogs.