Art journaling for healing

December packed an emotional whollop on me and once again I turned to art journaling to express, sort, and find journaling for healing

Some of you know my youngest has a myriad of learning challenges that led us to start homeschooling him 6 years ago. Well, when you have a special needs child, even when you think things are going along smoothly...sometimes they aren't. 

the boy on a journey art journal page

This December was one of those times. 

the colour of your heart journal page
So I turned to art journaling to sort through my rapidly cycling kaleidoscope of emotions, and dig down to what I knew in my heart was true. 
sunshine and rainbows journal page
And bit by bit, I brought myself back to centre. 
Found a place to put all my hurt and worry and cleared the path to rally and focus on what I know.
outlaw journal page
But there's another thing that I discovered this Decemeber, it's not just the journaling, but when you do it with others, you open yourself to support and community, and the healing power of friends.
So to all my Friends-Thank you 
spoons journal page