Why I never say 'It stinks.'


Recently Jounaler G sent me a picture of her finished page the day after class. I responded with some comments about what I liked about her page and what I really liked about her page and she responded, "You're so generous, do you ever say it stinks."

Well to be completely honest that sent me into a bit of a tailspin and I had to call my bestie Cathy to discuss and sort out my thoughts about that. 

art journal page settle

Do I ever say it stinks? Hmmmmmm

After discussing it with Cathy (and by discussing it I mean I proceeded to have a 10 minute monologue on my philosophy of commenting on peoples work.) I came to these conclusions.


No I don't ever say it stinks because they never do.

It's that simple because:

  1. I can always find something I like about someone's page.
  2. When a journaler isn't happy with their page 99% of the time the problem is a) lack of cohesion 
    b) no focal point-too many focal points
    c) needs a border/frame 
  3. I make suggestions (see above) journalers can implement those suggestions, or not-I love it when they don't because they usually come up with something even better.

That's it. 

art journal follow

There is a bigger issue here though.

The issue that sent me into a tailspin? What Journaler G was asking likely was literally do I ever say someone's page stinks. What I heard was " How can I believe your sincerity if it's always good?" 

The answer? Please refer to reasons 1, 2, and 3 above. But there is one other little piece that's part of this whole story....are you ready?

It's not up to ME to like it...it's your page-you have to like it.

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