Why we are worthy of making art.

cant draw

To quote a child psychologist I worked with years ago,

"What the heck is going on??!!!!" 

That was his response when he heard from a parent who had a story of their child being severely mismanaged by supposed care providers. And is what I hear in my brain when I hear (yet another) story of someone who doesn't do art even when they loved it as a child.

art is for playing

This morning, I read a Facebook post by a successful business coach I follow all about her trauma around art. She stated until kindergarten she was a prolific artist, but her kindergarten teacher being a rule based teacher (a good thing in lots of ways) not so good for art, broke her spirit around that.

Here's the thing:

That is a nearly universal cry I hear from people.

And it breaks my heart more than a little bit.

So I'll leave you with my philosophy around art making (okay 2 philosophies actually) and maybe you can start to heal your heart and change your mindset.

1)  Even though you may not be the best cook, you still have to make supper every night for yourself and your family.

2) You are an artist because you show up, not just when you make good art. 

Art feeds your soul like food feeds your body.