What is art journaling?

And how the heck do I do it? 

I get this question ALOT. And it's understandable, is it art? is it writing? is it a sketchbook? Please Anna, tell me what the heck you are talking about.

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Here at Art Journaling With Anna art journaling refers to expressing yourself through writing, painting, collaging, drawing, and any other kind of mark making you choose to do. But really those are just the facts, what art journaling is here is so so much more.
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Some of the things you may experience doing art journaling with me:

  • community
  • connection
  • fun/play
  • exploration/discovery
  • therapy
  • self-reflection
  • fear/bravery/safety
  • time for yourself
  • peace/calm
  • increased creativity

But that still doesn't explain what we'll be doing...

Okay, fair point. Here is the anatomy of an art journaling session. First we all check in, say hi, if anyone has anything they want or need to share they share it. Then I do a little intro on what our time together will look like-an outline so to speak, what techniques we'll be doing, what supplies we'll be using. All this generally takes no more than 15 minutes.
After everyone is settled in, we jump right into the creating. I most often start with a writing prompt, then some guidance around any paint techniques, suggestions on collaging, and finish up with penwork. Throughout the lesson I give suggestions on composition, offer advice which you are free to follow, and encouraged to not...
art journaling with anna
Sometimes after the writing, we'll do another check in to see if anything came up, or how that went for you, or if you want to share-which often people do. While you are working in your journals, I am working in mine right along side of you, and use that as a way to guide you in what you are doing, talk about any obstacles and share things that worked really well to offer inspiration.
So in a nutshell: We write, we paint, we collage, we do penwork...sounds so simple, yet it is so much more.

But don't just believe me, here's what other's are saying:

Once a week I give myself the gift of 2 hours of judgement-free creativity with new friends. Much needed bliss.
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As a participant in a number of Anna's art workshops I can say Do Not Miss this opportunity to have a date with your creative self in a fun and supportive environment. Anna is skilled and generous with her ideas. She constantly guides towards listening to your own creative voice, moving through frustration and making 'mistakes' into opportunities. Her respectful, encouraging approach makes it possible to discover and put more of your creative self on the page - and love what is there. Further to the respectful approach - You can share if you want to but there is absolutely no pressure if you don't want to. Art journalling with Anna saved my sanity during the challenges over the last several months!
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What I appreciated about Anna’s instruction is that there is a structure to the process but also flexibility. You can’t do it wrong but there are steps you can follow. From her own extensive experience and developed techniques with art journaling Anna is able to provide practical ideas for how to create art in your own journal. I truly appreciate the practical ideas and specific feedback Anna provided for how I could create my own artistic expression in my journal. 
I highly recommend Anna’s classes.
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