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Are you ready to kick over some logs? (figuratively)

This class is for anyone who is ready to dig into the deeper side of art journaling.

 While often art journaling class can be light and fun (and funny) sometimes it can make us vulnerable. This class is two hours a week for you to sit with yourself and turn over big ideas and feelings in a safe and connected space. 

 How it works

Now you are comfortable with the processes of art journaling-no longer worried about doing it 'right' you are ready to dig a little deeper. We will meet every week over Zoom for 10 weeks and spend 2 hours exploring. With thought-provoking writing prompts, paint suggestions, and guidance on composition you will create art journal pages that express the real you. We will encourage and support each other, as we travel along our personal paths. Sharing is not required, but know that the group is there to hold space for you in whatever form that takes. Because we already have the fundamentals now we have the freedom to follow the needs of the group whether that's being chatty, or sometimes being quiet. The format of this group is fluid and flexible...following our muse wherever she may lead us.

Who is this class for?

  • anyone who is looking to continue on their art journaling journey
  • anyone looking for a creative space where they can connect with other women
  • creative people who are shy and tentative about putting marks on paper
  • anyone looking to get back in touch with their inner artist-but have been discouraged or criticized or corrected (there's none of that going on here!)
  • anyone who likes a good laugh, (and sometimes a good cry)
  • anyone who needs some space to be introspective 

What you will get out of it:

  • continuing your growth as an artist
  • a vessel to hold your feelings and memories in
  • a space to express yourself safely and freely
  • the discovery that you have a style unique to you and ever-evolving
  • connection to other journalers sharing their journey with you
This is a dive deep class

This class is a place where feelings get felt, expressed, and witnessed. Art journaling has a way of opening us up to often hidden things. It makes us vulnerable and calls upon our courage. These things we share within the group, so if you are ready to be supportive and be supported-please join us.


Fall 2023

  • Wednesdays 8-10
  • 6 weeks starting November 1


The fee for Wednesdays is $180.  Registration includes a journal, a paper pack and a National Geographic. Payments can be made via PayPal and e-transfer* 
*contact me for verbal confirmation of a password before sending any transfers. 

To provide an intimate atmosphere and make sure everyone gets enough attention while maintaining a calm and soothing space that encourages creativity, class size will be kept to 6 participants when possible.



I was the wannabe art kid who couldn’t art. Art-anxiety crept in and I just stopped doing paper art all together. My first few sessions with Anna, I wanted to do it “right". I was so nervous because I *knew* there must be a “right”, right?! But session after session Anna made me see that whatever I do at that moment *is* right.

Honestly, can there be anything more grounding and mindful?

 I can’t recommend Anna’s course enough - it felt like time stood still while I went inwards. Thank you Anna for holding the space.


As a participant in a number of Anna's art workshops I can say Do Not Miss this opportunity to have a date with your creative self in a fun and supportive environment. Anna is skilled and generous with her ideas. Art journalling with Anna saved my sanity during the challenges over the last several months!

Making art can feel intimidating and working with Anna feels the opposite of intimidating. You don’t have to have an idea going in, or think in advance about what the page will look like, you just starting writing, and with Anna’s help and guidance, something interesting and artistic emerges. You can’t do it wrong but there are steps you can follow.
From her own extensive experience and developed techniques with art journaling Anna is able to provide practical ideas for how to create art in your own journal
I highly recommend Anna’s classes.


This small group six week classes give journalers a safe and encouraging environment to really dig into all art journaling has to offer. With step by step instructions, Anna leads journalers through self-exploration and self-expression. With writing prompts, painting suggestions and composition explanations, Journalers learn to use art journaling to discover the creative person hidden inside them.

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