Professional Workshops

My mission is to build compassion in the world for children and adults with emotional and mental health challenges.

art journal


I get it. We're all Zoomed out. But over and over I hear that there is something different about art journaling over Zoom. Exploring serious topics in a light and creative way, opens us up to new perspectives and adds some fun and creativity to our lives.

Lunch and Learn

 I use art to explore serious topics in a safe way offering new perspectives and points of view. Not an artist? Not to worry-no art experience required, and drawing a stick person is as technical as it gets.


ADHD is a Superpower: Reframing how you think about your child's (or your own) neurodiversity.

In this lunch and learn workshop we look at the strengths, and challenges of having ADHD. I offer a perspective shift away from the Disorder mindset of having ADHD to a focus on the positive aspects and how to use them. 

This workshop is fun and funny and we will create a super hero trading card, while exploring the strengths of being different. 

All are welcome in this workshop and all you need is a pen and paper.


I Am Not My Diagnosis

Spend an hour looking at the big picture of your life. Sometimes one aspect of our lives overshadows everything else. But in this workshop we'll spend our time looking at the whole. Putting some perspective on what's happening in our lives.



More topics coming soon-and I'm always open to suggestions.



 Art journaling is a creative tool to connect people and help them manage their mental wellness. My workshops offer participants a means of self expression that is both restorative, and reflective.



Through my work with children with ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities, I offer professional development workshops to teachers and school administrators. 
Working in collaboration with teachers, I design PD that will address specific needs and challenges. My workshops are rooted in a philosophy of understanding and compassion and how that can lead to real and lasting solutions. My style is very informal with lots of real-life actionable advice through open discussion. 
Some topic areas I cover are:
  • Helping students with low self-esteem
  • The different aspects of executive function challenges and how that may present in different children.
  • How we can have realistic expectations of children with executive function challenges and ADHD
  • How creative thinking may be the key from both teacher and learner
  • How can we accommodate's not about extra time
  • What kids are saying about their strengths, challenges and helpers
  • How to recognize that ADHD is a superpower
 I'm happy to problem solve and draw from current experiences, with practical strategies and suggestions and discuss specific challenges people are facing. My belief is 'Kids do well if they can' and I follow the Dr. Ross Greene model of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions while keeping one foot in the real world of the busyness of managing a classroom.


Help for Helpers

I can't think of a group  more in need of care right now than people working in helper professions. Nurses, doctors, mental health professionals, you have all been caring and carrying us through this and have been asked to face and make decisions that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. 

I can't pretend I can fix any of this, but I do know art journaling is a safe place to put some of those feelings, and the community built when we do it together does ease some of the burden.

If you are concerned about your team-I can create a program specific to your needs. Let's start easing the burden.

Anyone can do it. There is no art experience required, and most of the supplies people have at home.

Art journaling uses skills and supplies, readily available, and offers respit and reflection in a safe environment. 

If you are in a helping profession and think art journaling will help your practitioners and/or clients, contact me to discuss how I can create something to fulfill your needs.

No previous art experience required.



Workshops are two hours, but can be tailored to the needs of your organization including Lunch and Learn workshops either as a series or as a one time stand alone session.

Contact me to discuss how an Art With Anna workshop can help your organization.

Past Workshops

Workman Arts


Inspired by the documentary Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché features an opportunity to make a collage alongside an informal discussion of the film.

Art journaling and collage is a way of expressing yourself in an encouraging environment without judgement or criticism. Make time for yourself, connect with others and share in an experience that can change your life, help you process difficult emotions or just tap into your creative side!

No experience needed