Deep Dive Art Journaling
Deep Dive Art Journaling
Deep Dive Art Journaling
Deep Dive Art Journaling
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Deep Dive Art Journaling

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Next session starts the week of April 11 


  • 6 weeks
  • April 11-May 16
  • 7:15-9:15
  • $165


Are you ready to kick over some logs? (figuratively)

This class is for people ready to dig into the deeper side of art journaling.

While often art journaling class can be light and fun (and funny) sometimes it can make us vulnerable. This class is two hours a week for you to sit with yourself and turn over big ideas and feelings in a safe and connected space. 

How it works

Would you like to make art in a safe space with encouraging and supportive women. At Deep Dive Art Journaling we have deep vulnerable conversations. Each class starts with a check in, and then a topic for thought and discussion and then writing. After we journal we share any insights that come up, which they often do, and then we paint and collage, and finish our pages up with some text. 
Does this sound like something you need in your life? Reach out to discuss. 



    • 6 weeks
    • April 11-May 16
    • 7:15-9:15
    • $165


With thought-provoking writing prompts, paint suggestions, and guidance on composition you will create art journal pages that express the real you. We will encourage and support each other, as we travel along our personal paths. A lot of this group time is spent in discussion examining big ideas that we never seem to find time to really wrestle with.

The format of this class is we spend much of the first hour discussing a weekly topic, sharing opinions, experiences and thoughts; and the second hour is spent making our pages from that discussion. The Deep Dive group is just that Deep, with journalers often sharing they still feel immersed in some of the feelings the next day.

I wish that everyone has something in their life like my Deep Dive art journaling groups. I hope everyone has a safe place to talk about their feelings, share their truths, be honest and vulnerable in a safe place. I wish this for the women of the world.
Tonight someone asked “when did you get empowered?” Regardless of the answer and the ensuing discussion, empowerment comes from having a voice and it being heard. Honesty is raw.

Who is this class for?

  • anyone at a crossroads in their life
  • anyone looking for time to reflect on big ideas
  • anyone who is looking to continue on their art journaling journey
  • anyone looking for a creative space where they can connect with others
  • anyone ready to wrestle with some tough stuff
  • anyone who needs some space to be introspective 

What you will get out of it:

  • deep thought provoking conversation
  • a safe place to work through a big life decision
  • community and connection
  • a vessel to hold your feelings
  • maybe some clarity on things you're working through
  • a space to express yourself safely and freely
  • connection to other journalers sharing their journey with you

This is a dive deep class

Due to the nature of this class, class size is kept small. If you think this class may be right for you, please contact me to discuss whether there's a group that would work for you.

This class is a place where feelings get felt, expressed, and witnessed. Art journaling has a way of opening us up to often hidden things. It makes us vulnerable and calls upon our courage. These things we share within the group, so if you are ready to be supportive and be supported-please join us.

*Kit and Art Journals sold separately. Because most of the journalers in this class have a stash of journals and materials, if you need a kit, let me know.


 What others are saying

Your sessions are very cathartic; releasing of bad energy and replenishing of such good mojo.

~Journaler P~


Honestly, can there be anything more grounding and mindful?


 I can’t recommend Anna’s course enough - it felt like time stood still while I went inwards. Thank you Anna for holding the space.


As a participant in a number of Anna's art workshops I can say Do Not Miss this opportunity to have a date with your creative self in a fun and supportive environment. Anna is skilled and generous with her ideas. Art journalling with Anna saved my sanity during the challenges over the last several months!

Making art can feel intimidating and working with Anna feels the opposite of intimidating. You don’t have to have an idea going in, or think in advance about what the page will look like, you just starting writing, and with Anna’s help and guidance, something interesting and artistic emerges. You can’t do it wrong but there are steps you can follow.
From her own extensive experience and developed techniques with art journaling Anna is able to provide practical ideas for how to create art in your own journal
I highly recommend Anna’s classes.