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How about a creative break?

Step out of your busy schedule for a creativity break. Whether online or in person, I can provide a creative lunch time break for your team.

With art programs that can be personal and emotional, or fun and playful, I can create a program for your team's specific needs.

 No experience required, and anyone can do it. Whether to celebrate a milestone, or for some creative team building, art journaling is easy to learn, and fun to do.

Some topics to choose from are:

Art Journaling Mini Session

During this one hour workshop participants will create a personal and reflective art journal page. Pick from a variety of themes to suit your team. No art experience necessary and anyone can do it. 

We'll start with some stream of consciousness journaling, and then we will paint over what we wrote so no one can read it. Then we will finish it off with some collage and creative lettering. 


Your Word For the Season Lettering Workshop

Join me for one hour of creative lettering. We'll experiment with creating our own font to express our intention for the season. 

January often brings an onslaught of "My word for the Year" stories on social media, but I prefer smaller more attainable goals. That's why I designed the "My word for the season" workshop.

In this workshop we will play with paints and markers, and explore different fonts to make it our own. 

Everyone will leave with a decorative card that they create themselves as a personal memory.

Journaling Workshop

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of the benefits of journaling. Yesterday I saw reel of Emma Watson saying her journal was the one thing she would take with her on a desert island. But how does one actually start journaling?

In this Lunch and Learn we will explore three different journaling styles,. Learn prompts that will work over and over, strategies to create a time and place to journal that fits your lifestyle, and my favourite journaling tools.

We will have opportunities for hands on practice during class time, and questions are encouraged and sharing is optional.


Celebrate a milestone

Come together for some creative team building and celebrate a milestone. Art journaling has a way of opening us up to the creative part of ourselves, and when we do it as a group, connecting, and sharing is easier and safer. Art journaling is fun and creative, and a great way to make a memento of a powerful event with your team.

Some of the things people have said about their art journaling experience

I loved Anna's Art Journal class. Great instructions but the room to do my own thing. Anna is very kind and enthusiastic and is able to pull out the ideas that I had hidden away and show me how to translate them into a unique journal page.