Saturday Workshops
Saturday Workshops
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Saturday Workshops

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Welcome to the Saturday Creative Workshop series. Each Workshop will be over Zoom from 10:00-12:00 or 12:30-2:30 EST and each week will be a different topic. Join for one, two, or all. These are stand alone workshops and you don't need any prior art experience to join in. 



March 9, 12:30 Watercolour trees

Last year I dedicated a month to learning watercolour trees. What I learned I'm excited to share with you. Painting watercolour trees is fun and easy and anyone can do it. These workshops will offer different trees and seasons to paint, along with time to experiment and play. More details here


Watercolour Techniques

March 9,  10-12

In this workshop we will learn a variety of watercolour techniques and have an opportunity to play and experiment. We'll experiment with salt, and cling wrap, and layering and mixing colours on the fly. More details here

March 23, 10-12
How to Build a Journaling Habit
Have you been wanting to start a journaling practice but don't know where to start? Is the blank page intimidating you? Be many journals do you have? Full confession-I do have a lot too so you're not alone.
More details here


March 2 10-12 
Introduction to Art Journaling

In this Introduction to Art Journaling worshop we will cover all the steps you will need to create your own personal and reflective art journal page. We start with a writing prompt, which we will paint over later so no one can read it. After we paint over our writing we add some collage elements, and finish off with some text either our own writing or a quote we find. 
Here for more details

March 2, 12:30
Lettering Techniques

I get asked time and again how I make the lettering on my journal pages. Well, here's your opportunity to dig in and learn a variety of lettering techniques. This is a great opportunity to dig in, practice, play and get acquainted with your tools. With a little tweaking and practice, you can build your own font unique to you. Maybe you're a tidy block letter printer; or maybe you have a beautiful script pen skill. Hone your own font to make your pages uniquely yours. More info here

     March 16, 10-12
     Acrylic Backgrounds

    Learn how to add depth and texture to your paintings and journal pages. In this workshop we will use a variety of materials including napkins, tissue paper, and paper towels. We will be splattering and scraping and mixing colours right on the page. Click here for more details...

    And many more to come. If there's a class you've been wanting or can't make the posted date, let me know I the schedule is fluid and I'm adding more weeks all the time. There will be Saturday workshops right up until the end of May so check back regularly. 




    What others are saying

    As a participant in a number of Anna's art workshops I can say Do Not Miss this opportunity to have a date with your creative self in a fun and supportive environment.  Art journalling with Anna saved my sanity during the challenges over the last several months!
    This was my first-time art journaling. I used to keep a journal when I was in high school (years ago), then my sister found it and read it, Art journaling is interesting, the message you write is hidden in the artwork... It was fun to play with colors and images, no artistic experience was required and I learned new things about art mediums, textures, color combinations. Anna, thank you for sharing your tips and techniques. 

    Art Journaling with Anna has changed my life! I love the process involved in creating each page. Transforming thoughts into Art and learning not to judge my work has brought me great joy! I've never been one to write in a journal...but THIS!! This is it for me! I am such a visual person so I get so excited at the idea of "making something".
    "I literally can't stop!"
    ~also Laura~